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Diesel Duck 40 - ALL Photos


FULL photo sequence of building the Diesel Duck 40,



Diesel Duck

This Wooden Diesel Duck is being built at Rentner Marine, in the Chicago area:


The beginning, just a pile of wood ...


Bill building frames:



Finished laminating all Keel Sections !!!


The guys from Rentner Marine helping move the Transom into position for mounting (a heavy load):

Phase2 Keel

Keel is completely assembled and bolted, including Stem, Floor Timbers, and Transom:

Phase2 Keel

Wayne putting the first Frame into position on the Keel:

frame install

More Frames being installed:

frame install

frame install

All the Frames are installed and trued up!! Now it is really starting to look like a boat!!!

Bill screwing in the Intermediate Frames:

side planking

Wayne Putting on more rows of the side planking:

side planking

The side planking is finished!

Just arrived - our new engine, a John Deere 80 HP Diesel:

Laminating the 1st deck beam:

Putting in the support beams for the cabin sole:

Bill, climbing up inside:

Wayne, putting the 1st deck beam in place:

Extending the bulkhead up to the deck beam:

Bill putting on the Upper Side Planks:

The jig for bending and laminating the Deck Beams:

Upper Side Planks and rear engine room bulkhead are installed:

Some of the aft Deck Beams in place:

Forward cabin with deck beams & sole support beams in:

The aft cabin:

The Side Deck Beams being put in:

Bending the Carlin into place:

The Carlin is notched to fit the Side Deck Beams into it:

Gluing the Carlin in place with epoxy:

Building up the forward bulkhead for the engine room:

2nd layer added to the carlins:

Hatch support beams being put in:

Engine beds being fitted in:

Planking the aft deck:

Aft cabin top planking (inside view):

Forward deck support beams:

Forward & Side deck planking:

Glueing down 2 layers of plywood on top of all the planked decks!

Drilling holes to put Stopwaters into the keel:

Fuel tank supports in the engine room:

Coating the Keel with epoxy:

Painting the bilges to get ready to plank the bottom:

Starting to plank the bottom, the 1st plank:

More bottom planks going being put on:

Putting the engine in. The guys from Rentner Marine lifting the engine into the boat.

The engine in the boat at last:

Bottom planks being put on:

The bottom planking up to the transom:

The bottom planking up toward the bow:

The bottom planking is all finished!!

Glueing a beveled edge to the inside edge of the frames:

Putting in extra supports for the cabin sole beams:

Putting in one of the bulkheads in the forward cabin:

Bill putting in a bulkhead:

Putting in more bulkheads:

Cabin sole support beams:

Water tank support beams:

Putting down the plywood for the main cabin sole:

Plywood all down in the main cabin:

Putting in support beams & plywood to finish up the forward cabin sole:

Finished with all the plywood for the cabin sole:

Putting in support beams for the pilothouse sole:

Access hatches from the pilothouse to the engine room:

Pilothouse sole is finished:

Glassing the side and forward decks with 3 layers of Vectra cloth:

Glassing the Aft deck:

Wayne, putting the holding tank & water tanks in the bilge:

Putting up the cabinhouse sides (1st layer of plywood):

Laminating up the cabin top beams:

Cutting out for the windows in the cabin house sides:

Putting in the cabintop beams and trimming the bulkhead tops:

Putting in SS rod to hold down the cabinhouse to the deck:

Cabintop beams all in:

Putting insulation in the cabinhouse sides:

Putting plywood layer on cabinhouse sides:

Wayne putting planking on the cabin top:

Inside view of cabintop planking:

Putting insulation in cabin house top:

Two layers of plywood to finish off the cabinhouse top:

Wayne and the Renter Marine guys (Paul & Al) getting ready to lift the fuel tanks into the boat:

Lifting one of the fuel tanks up to the boat:

Wayne & Eric Rentner guiding a fuel tank into the engine room:

A fuel tank rsting in place:

Glassing the cabinhouse sides and top:

Bill putting in the rough first plywood layer for the pilothouse sides:

Cut out the windows & doors of the pilothouse:

Putting in the framing:

Putting in the beams for the pilothouse top:

Putting in the beams for the hatch:

Putting in the stainless steel hold-down rods:

Putting in insulation:

Insulating the rear pilothouse wall:

Pliothouse outer plywood layer all on:

Fuel tanks before hold down framing:

Fuel tank hold down framing:

Wayne, winding the cotton string before use:

Wayne, rolling the cotton into the seam:

Wayne, pounding the cotton into the seam ("corking"):

Painting the cotton once it is in the seam:

"Corking" the bottom seams:

Sealing the bottom seams with paint:

Putting primer on below the waterline:

Cut open the aft cabin companionway:

Building the windshield for the pilothouse:

Putting in stainless steel hold down rods through the windshield:

Windshield finished:

Wayne planing and fairing the top:

Planking the top of the pilothouse:

Bill finishing the planking:

Pputting insulation and plywood on the pilothouse top:

Glassing the pilothouse sides with Vectra cloth:

Glassing the pilothouse top:

Making the rubrails:

The rubrails on the boat:

Getting ready to put on the toerails:

1st Layer of toerail put on, with scuppers cut out:

Toerail complete, Port side - 4 layers:

Toerails, Bow view:

Toerail, Starboard side - 3 layers so far:

Putting seam compound in the bottom:

Painting the bottom with primer:


Filling the bottom seams with Seam compound:

Bill filling the bottom seams:

Fitting the stuffing box to the Prop. shaft tube:

The cutlass bearing being fit to the Prop. shaft tube:

Bill filling the side seams:

Russ, Eric and Paul, putting in the shaft:

Bill, filling the side seams:

Drilling throgh the bulkhead for the shaft:

The shaft is in:

Putting the flooring and partitions in the aft cabin:

The hull painted with the first coat of primer:

Putting the toerails around the aft deck:

Bill, trimming the aft deck toerails:

Putting rubrails around the aft deck:

Painting the transom and upper sides with the first coat of primer:

Sanded decks and toerails:

Putting on the oak layers of rubrail:

Wayne, fastening the rubrails:

Wayne, aligning the engine and shaft:

The prop is on:

Painting the Toerails and Rubrails:

Painting the cabinsides and decks:

Painted the finish coat:

Painting the Rubrails with color:

Setting the postion of the stantion brackets:

Bill, putting on the tiller arm:

Waye, fitting the rudder post:

The Cabinside trim going on:

The stainless steel for the railiongs and raubrails finally arrived:

Wayne, bulding the rudder:

Bill, Welding the engine room ladder:

Putting on the stainless steel rubrail:

Hanging the rudder:

Putting in the ttrim for the pilothouse windows:

Welding the stantion pipes to the mounting brackets:

Laying out the engine exhaust/intake system:

Fitting the stantion pipes on the aft deck:

The pilothouse windows put in:

The engine exhaust duct being put in:

Building theengine intake/exhaust ductwork:

Glueing down the hatch framing:

Wayne, putting in the pilothouse door threshold:

Putting in the pilothouse door framing and door tracks:

Making the pilothouse doors:

Putting in the pilothouse windshield glass:


The pilothouse doors being put on:

Copper flashing and the Keel Cooler thru-hulls being put in:

The Keel Cooler seacocks being put in:

Building the Keel Cooler:

Putting in the engine exhaust tubing:

Mounting the muffler clamps and heat shielding:

Putting in the engine exhaust piping and muffler:

Hooking up the engine Wire Harness and Instrument Panel:

Fitting the stantions for the railings:

Welding the stantions to the base plates:

Aligning and fitting stations to the base plates and deck:

Bill, welding the stantions to the base plates:

Using patterns to make the window frames from SS flat bar:

Fitting a frame to a window:

Window frame set and screwed into place:

Wayne putting on the Windshield window frames:

Putting on the rest of the window frames, taping them off and bedding them down:

Stantion bases bolted to side decks:

Top railing being bent onto the stantions:

Bill, welding the top railing onto the stantions:

Both top railings now installed:

Middle railings going in:

Middle Railings welded in place:

Stantions in on the aft deck:

Railings going in on the aft deck:

All railings are in:

Making the gates for the railings:

Putting in the hydraulic steering:

Wayne building and installing the swim platform:

Cabintop handrails mounted:

Dashboard with instrument panel and engine controls mounted:

Wayne, checking the engine before starting it up:

Rudder stops put in:

Fuel lines and filter system put in:

Putting in the bulkhead shaft bearing:

Installing the new hatches:

Making and installing the ladder down to the swim platform:

Bilge high-water alarm switch put in:

Connecting the hydraulic steering lines:

Mounting the navigation lights:

Making the deck steps (with fuel inlets below):

Putting in the wiring and the electrical panels:

Outside views of the boat:

Putting the worm shoe on the bottom of the keel:

Installing the bulkheads for the shower and head in the aft cabin:

Installed the portlights in the forward cabin:

Installing the plumbing:

Installing the bow anchor platform:

Putting in the windlass:

Connecting the wiring to the windlass motor:

Building the Chain Locker:

Installing the bow stem band:

Installing the ceiling inside the forward cabin:

Putting in mast supports and chainplates:

Cuting out for the portlights in the aft cabin:

Putting in the portlights:

Putting in the engine room vent and propane hose:

Putting in the ceiling in the forward cabin:

Putting in more ceiling in the forward cabin:

Adding finishing trim over wire runs:

Knees to support the Chainplate loads:

Putting in the shower unit:

More ceiling going in the forward cabin:

Ceiling all finished in the forward cabin:

Finishing off with nice wood around the windows and portlights:

Cabinsides put in and varnished:

Installed shower unit & plumbing in aft cabin:

Building the mast:

Building the galley cabinets:

Galley countertop and sink are in:

Dinette benches being bult:

Aft cabin ceiling going in:



Mast on boat:


Installing new instruments and controls:

Installing the head:

Installing the Battery Charger and Battery box:

Wiring up and installing the instruemnt dashboard:

Installing the windshield wiper motors:

Installing the Hot Water Heater in the engine room:


Installing the Searchlight and Horns on the Pilothouse roof:

Installing the propane locker on the aft deck:


Building and installing the Mast pad on the pilothouse roof:

Building the pedestal and installing the aft head and plumbing:

Epoxying the boom:

Shaping the boom:

Boom all finished to shape and being painted:

Doors are built and being installed:

Making the framing for the queen bed in the aft cabin:

Drawers and under bed storage cut-outs:

Bench with storage underneath:

Hanging locker and shelves:

Forward cabin:

Framing for bunks:

Hanging locker and shelves:

Galley cabinet doors and drawers:

Putting in the pilothouse siding wood:

The flooring going in:

Moving the boat to the crane:

Putting the boat in the water:

Putting in the Stove/Oven and frig:

Sink and plumbing in, door hung - in the aft cabin:

Aft Cabin is shaping up:

Sink and plumbing now put in the forward cabin:

Helm seat installed:

Bathroom sink and vanity in the aft cabin:

Aft cabin shelves, hanging locker and stairs to pilothouse:

Forward cabin:



Pilothouse, helm:

Boat at theDock:




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